We do everything for you

Tarangaan offers an all in one service to create a beautiful book from your manuscript. An attractive design and layout by a senior and experienced graphic artist guarantees a book which you will be proud of. Your input is important during the whole production process from your manuscript until you proudly hold your book in your hands. Tarangaan offers the complete package of publishing services and only employs top of the range printers. You decide yourself which quotes are accepted to guarantee satisfaction. Tarangaan makes the publishing of your book a pleasure. We put your product in the market and also offer other publishing services such as marketing. We can distribute your book through our partner and you won't have to pay a cent of the printing costs. You will still receive royalties to cover all your expenses. You are also empowered to earn a handsome profit on your creative work.

Professional Services

Tarangaan offers publishing solutions for authors, publishers, societies, organisations and businesses that want to publish a book, article or magazine. We make your text fit to be printed with professional services honed through years of experience in the media world. General, technical and advertising work are all done equally well.

Many authors have to their utter dismay discovered errors in books and magazines after it has already been printed. The printing press and digital media are final. If a text has not been honed to perfection, it is sure to embarrass both the author and publisher.

Editing, Proof Reading and Translation

Our solutions include bilingual translation and the improvement of the text through removal of errors. We offer high quality and bilingual editing, proof reading and the rewriting of the text if necessary. Let our experience and insight make you proud of your publication!

Editors and publications

Tarangaan employs experienced and bilingual editors and translators. Tarangaan translated 27 books and was an associate of two dictionaries during the past five years. More than 175 books were edited and proofread for distinguished publishing houses. All these services are rendered at cost.